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Hans! The one who started it all.! This is his Legacy!

Hans Johns

The Man, The Myth, The Legend..

With a very heavy heart, we had to say “See Ya Later” to our Founder, My Dad, and Friend to all who passed away a short time ago.

Just a few years ago I received a phone call from my dad.. He said a campground was available, should we get it!?  Growing up we spent a large part of life camping, road tripping, adventuring!!  OF COURSE we should do it.!

It was a pile of dirt with some flattened spaces.. My husband and I handled the business end, but my dad, TRULY brought a heart beat to the campground! He had a vision and he made it come true.

With a lot of help and support from our Manager Kentucky Dave, Happy Trails has become a little gem in the desert.  Trees have been planted, decor placed all around. Our glamping trailers all set in place and mini motel updated and all remodeled with love and teamwork.

He left his legacy for his family and all the guests that love what has been created. For those of you that were blessed to meet Hans, you know why his passing is such a hard hit.  He was one of the good ones. Kind, caring, funny and would talk to everyone like they were family and offer you a beer!

Cheers to you Papa! You created the dream!

Come on over and visit us, don’t forget to sign the wall in the office.  It was Hans’ idea to create that and he always loved to see where everyone was from.!

Happy Trails to you Dad, until we meet again!

Pictured below is a Mural Created by Meadview’s very own Artist Suzann Grogan.. She added my dad in memorial of him. Allowing him to always be with us.

Tombstone with the addition of our Favorite Cowboy.
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