About Us

This is US…

A family with a dream to create a place for our family, friends, community and the whole world to come create unforgettable memories to take with them along their journey.

I am Samantha the daughter of Hans. Together we founded this amazing opportunity for myself, him and my husband Corey.  An opportunity that can be shared with other family members and passed down to our children.  This campground has so much love put into it already, the town of Meadview stole our hearts unexpectedly and drew us in to experience life a little bit different than we may have had in the past.

It doesn’t have to be for a lifetime, for our guests it can be for a weekend, but the imprint left is for a lifetime.  Everything put into Happy Trails has our own personal touch.. My husband and Dad made the picnic tables themselves and we all painted stain onto the wood!! Even the kids participate in all we do!

We named the campground after Roy Rogers and his horse trigger. I grew up riding horses and my dad‘s childhood idol was Roy.  Seeing as how there are endless trails out here, as far as the eye can see, what more fitting of a name for this campground to have.  If you are unaware of who Roy Rogers is, look up the song Happy Trails and you’ll know what we are talking about.

We wish to create memories, adventures and unforgettable moments that our guests will keep with them forever.  It’s not just a place to stay or a campground .. but an Experience.!

We hope you’ll love it here and what we are doing with it all, as much as we do!

From our family to yours, we can’t wait to meet you, Happy Trails!

Hank, one of our Campground pups.
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