Happy Trails

Colorado River

Just 17 Miles from Happy Trails Campground, on Pierce Ferry road is The Colorado River swimming itself out of the mouth of the Grand Canyon. When headed North on Pierce Ferry You can first check out the outlook… Just off to the right you will see a yellow sign with a T on it. Just beyond it you will turn right on to the dirt road, Old Pierce Ferry road. Take it to the rope, which is the Airplane Runway. Go to the outlook beyond the rope and you will see a magnificent view of the river and Grand Canyon!

Outlook of the Colorado River

After you take in the lookout you’ll surely want to experience the River up close. Head North, back out on Pierce Ferry road. You will turn right and take that all the way down.. It will turn into a Dirt road where you pass the Lake Mead turn off.. Keep Heading Straight till the road ends at the River.

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