Answered Prayers

This is JR.. He is the original owner of our Campground, previously known as South Cove. At 82 years old he and his wife have other things to take care of. Janet, JR’s wife, has been the main one to run their RV Park. She was done and ready to move on. So this was their conversation per JR..


Janet: JR, I’m not running the resort for one more year… you better figure something out.!!

JR: So I went and got out the prayer carpet.. I started praying for a buyer to come.. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

and then Hans showed up.. ——————————————————

We were an answer to JR & Janet’s prayers and this Campground has been an answer to ours.!

Published by Happy Trails

We are a Family owned and operated Campground located in the heart of Meadview Arizona. This town is truly a high desert oasis, with stunning views, unlimited off-road adventure opportunities, Kayak into South Cove/ Lake Mead. Cruise down the street and Check out the Colorado River or one of the many Glorious desert outlooks. Great place for the family, pups, desert toys, horses and Adventurers of all kinds to come and enjoy!

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