Happy Trails

Glamping in the Desert 🌵

Here at Happy Trails we are a no frills kind of destination spot. That’s right, we allow nature of the magnificence surrounding to provide you with all the experiences you could imagine.

If you want a loud party & Ritz Carlton perks.. probably should keep driving 😄! We do however care about our service with Ritz quality! We truly love having our guests enjoy their stay. Our Campers, Glampers and Tenters alike! So please give us a go!

If you want to camp, stay cool and have a place to relax but don’t own a trailer… We are just what you need! Your very own Glamping trailer equipped with your cooking essentials, fridge, stove & microwave. There are showers as well, but if you have ever showers in a trailer they aren’t the most relaxing high pressure experiences. We recommend hopping over a few steps to our public bathrooms to rinse the day away!

Happy Trails, we hope to see you soon!

Gather Here at Happy Trails Campground.
Fully Stocked Kitchen
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