Grand Wash Trails

View of the Grand awash Cliffs at sunset. Where you can ride your ATVs for days abs days!

ATV/UTV/Horse Off-Road Trails

Lots of adventures for off-roaders of all types. Take The Grand Wash trails to the Colorado River, Joshua Tree National Forest or just to adventure around. We highly recommend utilizing Apps like All Trails, to be certain of location, as trails are not marked.

Market in Meadview

Here in Meadview we are happy to welcome to town, Ma’s Mini Marketplace.! Carrying a large assortment of fresh fruits and veggies. As well as other necessities any grocery store would carry.! Will also be providing fresh meats very soon! Beef, chicken, pork and lamb! What a great addition to the area! Don’t forget toContinue reading “Market in Meadview”

Downtown Dining

A lovely little Downtown just One Mile away from Happy Trails campground in Meadview, Arizona.

Outstanding Views

The breathtaking desert skies at Happy Trails Campground in Meadview Arizona

Meadview, Arizona Airplanes ✈️ ATV, Hiking, Look-out point. Minutes from Camping, Trails and more!

One glorious day we took the side by side off-roading down a couple miles from the Campsite. We set up some chairs and were enjoying the gorgeous view of the Colorado River escaping the mouth of the West part of the Grand Canyon. Suddenly, off in the distant we see a plane headed our way.!Continue reading “Meadview, Arizona Airplanes ✈️ ATV, Hiking, Look-out point. Minutes from Camping, Trails and more!”

Social Distancing in the Desert

Let’s pause for a moment to enjoy some Beauty of the Desert 🌵!! This Earth we reside on is something Amazing! Let’s treat her with the respect she deserves.!Also.. do you see the size of our camp spots! What a great place to Practice Social Distancing!😄

Check Out the Colorado River!

That’s right! We are located where the river meets the lake, so you get the absolute best of all worlds.. Off-Roading, River kayaking, and the Lake! All of this Located just minutes from Happy Trails Campground!

Lake Days are back Again!

The serene views on Lake Mead at South Cove! In Meadview Arizona.

Come find the Waterfall!

Bring your off-road toys and go adventure to find the waterfall!! It’s just 10 minutes from Happy Trails Campground, down the Grand Wash trails!! For booking head on over to our prices and booking tab. Click the BOOK NOW photo and for any questions you can email us from the contact form or call 928-564-2241.

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