Welcome Wish & Balabusta. Our new family members.

We rescued these thoroughbred filly’s from California. Wish, 5 year old dapple grey had a less than stellar past but we are loving helping her to move beyond her old fears, and Bala, 3 year old bay, is just a completely chill girl.

Loving every minute training them and getting to know them!

Published by Happy Trails

We are a Family owned and operated Campground located in the heart of Meadview Arizona. This town is truly a high desert oasis, with stunning views, unlimited off-road adventure opportunities, Kayak into South Cove/ Lake Mead. Cruise down the street and Check out the Colorado River or one of the many Glorious desert outlooks. Great place for the family, pups, desert toys, horses and Adventurers of all kinds to come and enjoy!

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