Grand Wash Trails

View of the Grand awash Cliffs at sunset. Where you can ride your ATVs for days abs days!

Outstanding Views

The breathtaking desert skies at Happy Trails Campground in Meadview Arizona

Meadview, Arizona Airplanes ✈️ ATV, Hiking, Look-out point. Minutes from Camping, Trails and more!

One glorious day we took the side by side off-roading down a couple miles from the Campsite. We set up some chairs and were enjoying the gorgeous view of the Colorado River escaping the mouth of the West part of the Grand Canyon. Suddenly, off in the distant we see a plane headed our way.!Continue reading “Meadview, Arizona Airplanes ✈️ ATV, Hiking, Look-out point. Minutes from Camping, Trails and more!”

Social Distancing in the Desert

Let’s pause for a moment to enjoy some Beauty of the Desert 🌵!! This Earth we reside on is something Amazing! Let’s treat her with the respect she deserves.!Also.. do you see the size of our camp spots! What a great place to Practice Social Distancing!😄

Come find the Waterfall!

Bring your off-road toys and go adventure to find the waterfall!! It’s just 10 minutes from Happy Trails Campground, down the Grand Wash trails!! For booking head on over to our prices and booking tab. Click the BOOK NOW photo and for any questions you can email us from the contact form or call 928-564-2241.

Guests from all over the World! We Love having you stay!

When we bought this place to create our own dream, we didn’t yet know we would be a part of the adventures of so many from all around the world. Thank You to these lovely ladies for staying with us and making yet another day that much greater! Italy 🇮🇹 • France 🇫🇷 • GreeceContinue reading “Guests from all over the World! We Love having you stay!”

The Adventure Awaits..

Camping, Off-roading, boating adventure in Meadview Arizona!

Incredible Outlook over the Colorado River

Colorado River outlook near Happy trails Campground. Filled with trails and adventure!

Free Entree to Lake Mead Recretional Park

FREE entree into Lake Mead Recreational Park! You heard right.! That means you can go fishing, boating, exploring and not have to pay extra to enter!! So it’s only logical to bring your boats to Happy Trails Campground, stay in our Mini Motel, and go play!! We also offer Boat & Trailer Storage on-site!

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