The Adventure Awaits..

Camping, Off-roading, boating adventure in Meadview Arizona!

Incredible Outlook over the Colorado River

Colorado River outlook near Happy trails Campground. Filled with trails and adventure!

We have the trailer, you just show up!

We have the trailer, you just show up! Good Morning y’all! Here’s a view from the front yard of our newly renovated Glamping Trailer! Yes, you get your own front yard with all of them and the corner spot has this incredible view in the morning! Sunsets are just as incredible! Come book your stay!.Continue reading “We have the trailer, you just show up!”


Full-HOOKUPS!!! Since I get so many questions about our hook-ups .. YES we have FULL-HOOKUPS!🎉 Bring your road home out and be as comfortable as necessary for your needs! Plus free WiFi is included. However we do hope you aren’t coming to Meadview for the WiFi service. Leave the electronics and enjoy some outdoors! 🌵

Glamping in the Desert 🌵

Here at Happy Trails we are a no frills kind of destination spot. That’s right, we allow nature of the magnificence surrounding to provide you with all the experiences you could imagine. If you want a loud party & Ritz Carlton perks.. probably should keep driving 😄! We do however care about our service withContinue reading “Glamping in the Desert 🌵”

Glamping Camper Renovations

Camper Renovations We are finally at it! Remodeling our oldies but goodies! Our 70s trailer remodels that have been waiting for some attention has finally arrived! These Farmhouse beauty’s we have been remodeling with all of our own Love, sweat and no tears have gone into creating and designing.! Can not wait to share theContinue reading “Glamping Camper Renovations”

Free Entree to Lake Mead Recretional Park

FREE entree into Lake Mead Recreational Park! You heard right.! That means you can go fishing, boating, exploring and not have to pay extra to enter!! So it’s only logical to bring your boats to Happy Trails Campground, stay in our Mini Motel, and go play!! We also offer Boat & Trailer Storage on-site!

Sight to See!

Phenomenal views just from the top of the hill, walking distance from our campground. Photo taken by our very own Scarlett Lily, the Campground Boss. #NoFilterNeeded We are not a campground that provides all the experiences for you, we are a campground that is nestled in the midst of all the experiences you need whenContinue reading “Sight to See!”

Omg.. Snake! Relax, this one is Harmless!!

Omg.. Snake! Relax, this one is Harmless!! Not all Snakes are created equal!! This a harmless BullSnake! No need to fret friends.. #knowthedifference and please don’t hurt them. “The bullsnake is a large, nonvenomous, colubrid snake. It is currently considered a subspecies of the gopher snake. The bullsnake is one of the largest/longest snakes ofContinue reading “Omg.. Snake! Relax, this one is Harmless!!”

Lake season is here!!

Lake season is here!! Come on over to for a weekend adventure with Happy Trails!! We are located just a short 10 mile jaunt from the South Cove boat launch! Make your reservations now! We also have boat storage for just $35 a month!

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